Chris has been heavily involved in surfing and aquatic sports for 40 years, During a surfing trip to Noosa in 2016 he bought his son a handplane, They both enjoyed it and were hooked. Returning home his son undertook a year long school project in which he built a hollow Paulownia surfboard. 

Chris Surfing "The Corner" Wellington NZ, Late 80's



He used some of the Paulownia offcuts from this project to make a handplane, Shortly after he met Jack from Organic Dynamic, He was building surfboards out of recycled EPS and Paulownia timber. We decided to use his offcuts which we combine with a cedar stringer to make the handplanes that you see on this site. The Paulownia is grown in Waikato NZ by Graham Smith from Paulownia NZ. We use recycled wetsuits to make hand straps and bags which are sewn up by local sail maker Linton Sails

After we shape and sand the Paulownia into handpplanes we apply two coats of Entropy Bio resin to make them strong and water tight. Our handplanes are certified level one ecoboards by Sustainable Surf. 

Proudly Stocked by Real Surf in Lyall Bay and The Raglan Surf Emporium.