Frequently asked Questions


1. How do Handplanes work?

Using a TTS handplane will give you the most fun while bodysurfing. The single concave on the bottom of our planes allows them to hydroplane on the wave face giving your body lift so you can propel along the wave.

2. How do I use a Handplane?

Use a pair of fins to give you enough speed to catch the wave. The paulownia has a neutral buoyancy so you just have to swim naturally onto the wave once you are on it put your arm out with the handplane on and you are off!!

3. Which hand do I put the handplane on?

We recommend to have it on the left hand when riding a left breaking wave and on your right hand when riding a right breaking wave.

4. Do I need a leash?

We recommend using one when you are bodysurfing near rocks but not needed when riding beach breaks, our handplanes float. 

5. What are the best waves to use your handplane on?

Steep hollow waves but they don’t need to be big.

6. How do I care for my Handplane?

- Keep out of direct sunlight to prolong the life of the epoxy coatings.

- Rinse the Handplane including the strap in fresh water after each use.

- If you chip the epoxy coating you can use solar resin to reseal the damaged area.

7. Is the strap adjustable? 

Yes the strap will adjust for all hand sizes.

*When you go to the beach or travel overseas always take your handplane and fins. It doesn’t matter how big or small the waves are you are guaranteed the best fun in the ocean with your Tree to Surf handplane😊